How the success of Liver King was propelled by male-led, «grindset» podcasts

How the success of Liver King was propelled by male-led, «grindset» podcasts

Other writers suggest that drug testing in tennis is very weak, even at top levels. There are two kinds of testing in tennis – IC – in competition and OC – out-of-competition. The UFC commentator feels Johnson has a responsibility to talk about his steroid use with his followers.

  • Its purpose is to raise your total testosterone levels to the high end of the normal range, or to the levels of a healthy 18-year-old.
  • The host then turned his attention to Dwayne Johnson, saying that, «The Rock should come clean right now.»
  • When Im not in the gym or spending time away from my family i often think about what advice would help others achieve theirs goals just like these inspired mine.

UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan has now called on Dwayne Johnson to post a similar admission, claiming that there’s no way he’s clean. The ever controversial podcast host said there was ‘not a chance in hell’ The Rock is clean, after the Liver King admitted to using steroids – following years of denial. Liver King, who promotes an ‘ancestral diet’ of things like beef brains, bull testicles and raw animal livers, had posted an apology video on Friday, revealing he has done steroids in the past and still takes testosterone every week. Rogan was discussing the outing of fitness influencer Liver King – real name Brian Johnson – who was recently exposed for using steroids after repeatedly telling fans that his physique was all-natural.

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UFC light-heavyweight contender Anthony Smith, former interim lightweight champion Justin Gaethje and his last opponent Dustin Poirier have all publicly suggested the Irishman is using steroids during his injury layoff. Joe Rogan is the latest high-profile figure to suggest, without any evidence, Conor McGregor could be using performance-enhancing drugs. «But if you do talk about it, there’s a responsibility you have to people listening to you and I think you have to be honest about it, which is why I’m honest about it. However, Rogan isn’t so sure, and joked that if McGregor were to be tested by USADA right now after bulking up around 40lb from his last fight weight that he would «melt the cup» with his urine.

According to an unknown source, Serena avoided OC tests for two years, from 2010 to 2011. The same source says that she locked herself in a panic room and called 911 when a tester asked for urine samples. The story is still unconfirmed by any reliable sources, so it’s safe to say that it is untrue. A report published by USADA has shown that Serena Williams was tested by the Agency five times in 2018.

UFC news: Joe Rogan makes big Jon Jones drug test claim

He also acknowledged that he started using testosterone cream when he was in his 30s. Motivating factors aside, the Liver King says in justifying his use to himself he asked “I’m not a competitive athlete of any kind, so who the fuck am I cheating? Yet, as Rogan and Derek debate, hiding steroid use is seen as misleading, while openly admitting to it can be seen as setting a bad example, and placing further pressure on body ideals.

According to Dr. Kahn, HGH is important for children who have a growth hormone deficiency – but it does cause insulin resistance. This is partly because of his vastly growing physique but also due to the fact the former dual-weight UFC champion has exited the UFC’s drug testing programme and has not been tested at all in 2022. So huge in fact that his body transformation is being called into question by UFC fighters who suspect it is unnatural.

Rogan admitted to using «hormone replacement» to alter his physique, and feels there is nothing wrong in doing so, but wants users to be honest about it. I take testosterone replacement therapy, and I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years. What I do is take levels that are equal to what I had in my body naturally when I was 27—nothing extreme. Joe Rogan has now taken aim at Johnson’s physique and is certain he uses steroids to maintain his chiseled body, especially at his age.


Jones is adamant he didn’t intentionally take the prohibited drug and believes it entered his system through a tainted supplement, though he and his team have yet to find the cause of the positive test. Hosted by Robbie Lockie, Plant Based News delivers pioneering vegan news and ethical views weekly. The YouTuber added that some bodybuilders appear to have significant bloating as a result of digestive issues, but that this is typically reversible via diet mainpulation. Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson is known for his spectacular physique, and has been since his days in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

This means that ecdysterone doesn’t have any of the nasty side effects of steroids, such as damage to your internal organs. Although some commentators suggest that Serena is a steroid user, there is no proof suggesting this. Sure, she is muscular, far more muscular than other female tennis players, but having a muscular physique is not bulletproof evidence.